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Case Studies
Company Name : Elcen Machines Pvt. Ltd
Industry : Electric Motors
Project : Corporate Logo
Client Requirements : Develop a new Logo that can represent the company’s values in the most effective way.
VCAN Strategy :
  1. Presented a bold Logo with the company name in solid and sturdy font.
  2. The use of flashy black and red colour depicts the strong values of the company.
  3. The rotating circular shape indicates the Company’s business of Electric motor with a symbolic ‘e’ embedded in it.     
Results : Elcen is now a highly accomplished Brand across the Electric Motors Industry. Later, VCAN Tech revamped the entire Corporate Identity of Elcen.
Company Name : Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd.
Industry : Composite materials and end user products
Project : New Website
Client Requirements : The existing site does not reflect the Corporate values of the company. In addition, it does not have any elements that replicate the world-class infrastructure that Kemrock possesses. The Site also does not incorporate the Application areas of the Kemrock products.
VCAN Strategy :
  1. Developed highly Corporate Layout of the website that is synonymous to the legacy of Kemrock.
  2. Comprehensive Site structure that included the Application areas of the Kemrock products
  3. High use of Images of Kemrock Infrastructure to exhibit the Infrastructure excellence
Results : The website wears a brand new Corporate look that has more 3000 hits and less than 25% bounce rate
Company Name : Mystic Solutions
Industry : Hospitality
Project : Web-enabled Application for Issue Tracking and Hotel Management
Client Requirements : The existing versions of their software application ‘i-service’ were not user friendly. The software has lot of imbalance and frequent errors occurred due to Data Invalidation. The Users weren’t satisfied with ‘i-service’
VCAN Strategy :
  1. Redesigned the entire application with flawless operating process
  2. Equipped the application with highly customized options
  3. Designed the interface that was user-friendly and attractive
Results : ‘i-service’ is actively used in more than 15 hotels across USA
Company Name : Bell Ceramics Limited
Industry : Ceramic Tiles
Project : E-showroom (Flash Application)
Client Requirements : Develop an engaging and interactive application wherein the Internet users can actually visualize various combinations of Ceramic Tiles for selection purpose. Also reflect the motto ‘Elegance of Living’ through the Application
VCAN Strategy :
  1. Conceptualized Flash Based application that could help the users to select and see the Tiles combination
  2. Being Flash application, the challenge was to make the Tile loading process fast enough to retain the interest of Users. The ‘E-showroom’ did pass this acid-test and was quick in process
  3. Strategic use of colours and designs ensured that ‘Elegance of living’ reflected through the Application.
Results : The Application is highly popular among the Bell Ceramic Customers as they can virtually see the various Tile combinations and select the best option for their respective use.
Company Name : Yera
Industry : Glassware Products
Project : Search Engine Optimization
Client Requirements : Top Rankings in major search engines with the product Keywords
VCAN Strategy :
  1. Conducted a vigorous Keyword research and competitor analysis
  2. Employed various On-page and Off-page SEO techniques
  3. Revamped the content with rich Key-word density 
Results : Yera is a Top ranked website in Google for most of the keywords related to products. The Company sales have improved after the search engine optimization and the number of visitors has increased.
SEO Checklists
From the past few years, the E-marketing is getting an immense boom in internet world. According to the survey, in U.S. nearly 70% of the people are using internet for buying products. In addition, one more fact is nearly 65% of the people searching in search engines do not go beyond third page.
VCAN Tech unveils sparkling new look of the website on Dusshera
On the sacred day of Dusshera, VCAN Tech re-launched its existing site with grand celebrations. The family members VCAN Tech were present in traditional ethnic clothes making the environment lively and jovial.
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