Engagement Model: Dedicated Development Team (DDT)

To attend the diverse needs of the global clients, VCAN Tech offers highly flexible alternative of a Dedicated Development Team. This ‘Dedicated Team’ is an extension of our company that will directly operate with the client and execute the project.

In this model, a Dedicated Development Team is allotted that works exclusively on the client’s web application or project. This model enables the client to have a control over the human resource as well as the technical infrastructure of the company. This feature empowers the client to have highly qualified team specifically working on their projects and its emerging requirements. The infrastructure facilities and the dedicated team are provided for a specific pre-determined duration and on a fixed cost.

The DDT model is an excellent option for the clients as it fosters the level of flexibility, transparency and measurability. This engagement model from VCAN is highly beneficial to clients, as a dedicated team will strictly focus on their project thereby reducing its operational cost.

Advantages of VCAN Tech’s DDT model:
Highly upgraded IT Infrastructure and resources
Dedicated team working on client’s time zone
Highly qualified and experienced team of personnel
Daily project updates and reporting
Flexibility in choosing and selecting Team members
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