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VCAN Tech offers a complete package of ‘i-CORP’ for Multiple Hotel management, tracking budgets and revenue, evaluating employee performance, reviewing costs and much more through its centralized access system.

A fully furnished accounting and operations management package - i-CORP will transcend your performance to higher level resulting in profitability and better services. i-CORP’s versatility and unparalleled customization will enable faster procedures and decision making during crisis situations. For Multi Hotel management, i-CORP services can be extremely potent in addressing the diverse as well as critical needs emerging in the dynamic Hospitality services sector.

From Security perspective, i-CORP allows authorized access to the system and that too from specific IP addresses only. This Property Management software is compatible with most of recognized Accounting softwares and allows easy import/export of the data.

i-CORP has a variety of five Management Modules:
Room Revenue Management (Night Audit)
F & B Revenue Management (Food and Beverage)
Market Segment Management (Room Revenue)
Payroll Management
Inventory Management
Organize & Manage your Multiple Properties
Store and administer detailed information about your properties from one location through a centralized access system.
Budget Allocations
The software allows the managers and controllers to feed predicted budget for Food & Beverage, Payroll and Revenue for an estimated period. This feature helps to keep a track of monetary resources actually spent vis-à-vis allocated funds.
Customized Data Modification
Depending on the specific requirements of the particular hotel, you can customize the data accordingly and enable prompt services to the customers.
Generate Performance Reports
Reports can be generated to evaluate performance of the property, departments, and employees through online management. Reports like Account Listing, Sales Manager Production, Housekeeping to Referral Status, Banquet room Summary etc can be generated in quick time.
Authorize access to the system
The Controller of the system can add, edit, and manage users of the system. Definite roles and functions can be allocated to each employee for smoother execution of services.
Customized Data Entry Forms
The software being dynamic in nature, new modules can be added as per the emerging requirements. The authorized staff members can generate new data entry forms in few minutes.
The authorized personnel of the system can give access to this web-enabled software through recognized IP addresses only. It prevents unofficial entry to the vital information about the hotel.
Data Import/Export from Accounting Software
The management system being compatible with accounting softwares used in the market, the existing data can be easily imported and exported from one format to another.      
Expense Analysis
Monetary expenses behind the Staff and other department members can be analyzed.
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