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i-Service is an issue tracking software to focus on hospitality aspects through online management. i-Service can be more than handy to elevate the level of services provided to valued customers. The issue tracking software of i-Service permits minute-by-minute update of the customer issues and day-to-day operations. Right from House Keeping, Room Service and Security department to Front Office, Food & Beverage and Human Resource department, i-service coordinates as well as collates the data for effective an d high level of service delivery to the customers. 

It can play crucial role in diverting focus to urgent customer requirements in the hospitality management that allows for better efficiency ultimately resulting into guest satisfaction and profitability. Issue-tracking software allows to prioritize the emerging issues and allocate particular employee to resolve it. Graphical Representation gives clear picture of the status of issues registered in the entire week.

The Issue Tracking feature of i-Service also sets typical patterns arising from the day-to-day hotel management issues. Analyzing and resolving these common patterns can lead to enhanced services to the customers. Additional utility features of Scheduler and Calendar are available for effective time & task management. As a vital part of hotel management, iService can store important information of vendors, manufacturers and contract details.
Prioritization of the emerging issues in various departments
i-Service allows to rate the issues in accordance with their significance. Issues can be allotted to specific department and employee responsible to resolve the specific issue. As a result, one can channelize the personnel and resources to resolve the particular issue.
Graphical representation of the prioritized issues with its current and past status
The system displays Line graphs representing the issues from the last seven days and their latest update. Owners can compare graphs of their different hotels in the portfolio and evaluate the performances.
Added features of Schedular and Calendar
Utility services of Schedular and Calendar allows the user to assign tasks to employees with pre-defined time limits.
Employee Performance Management
The software allows the user to evaluate employee performance on the basis of the promptness shown by employee to resolve generated issues.
Tracks the maintenance of the room furnishings
Right from sofa, linen, drapes to lights, doors, and toilets, one can monitor and maintain the amenities in the room to deliver high quality service to the guests.
Enables import and export of the data to word and excel formats
i-Service gives easy options to import and export the data from other files formats for printing and other purposes.
Generates issue wise and department wise customized reports.
On-Demand Report can be produced based on desired week/month/year and based on departments and issues.
Maintain the details of the vendors and the manufacturers.
One can record all the essential information of the vendors and the manufacturers that can be handy for instant communication.
Record the vital details of the incoming materials and equipments.
i-Service enables the user to structurally document all the data regarding the new purchases of materials. Information like warranty periods, servicing details, dealer contacts can be duly stored in the system.
Documentation of Contract details
One can store all the vital details of the contract made with any third party. Information like duration of the contract, expiry date and other legal points can be stored.
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