Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is a marketing technique to promote your website and its products on search engines and their associated networks. As the name suggests, you pay certain fees for every click that is made on your ad and not for it to show up. PPC advertising is a faster way to attract greater targeted audience to give your Search Engine Marketing campaign the jump start it needs.

It is critical for every business to adopt an effectual ppc management strategy to get the best return on investment. Hence, as one of the leading pay per click companies, VCAN Tech helps you to create the most effective and budget conscious PPC campaign. With well-researched keywords and compelling ad body, we constantly keep your adwords quality score high thus ensuring that you get more clicks from your specified budget. As a part of our comprehensive pay per click services we routinely track the performance of your ads, the relevance of the keywords as well as final sales conversion. To ensure complete transparency and accountability of your money, we maintain your own adwords account and manage it for you.

To give your business maximum mileage for every amount spent, we incorporate following aspects in our pay per click management services:
Conduction of extensive market and keyword research to identify relevant and effective keywords for your ads
Monitoring and maintaining the bids on keywords
Writing appealing ad copy to give your business an advantage over your competitors
Optimizing the landing page to induce greater conversion rate
End-to-End PPC campaign management so that you can focus on other areas of business growth
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