Quick Book Integration

We have developed several QuickBooks integration solutions in the past that allow web based applications/e-commerce site's to communicate with Intuit's QuickBooks accounting software. Intuit's custom XML solution, qbXML, is used to organize and transfer data from the application/e-commerce site's database through the QuickBooks Web Connector/QODBC to the open company file. Instead of relying on a custom accounting solution, application/site owners are then able to use an industry standard desktop application in conjunction with their store's online front end.
You can imports orders in real-time from your online store.
You can handle shipping and charge credit cards from a single screen.
Real-time inventory sync updates in-stock quantities from QuickBooks to your online store.
Customer and Inventory synchronization from web based application/site's to QuickBooks.
Sales Invoice and Purchase Order generation from application/site's to QuickBooks.
QuickBooks integration for your web based application/online website automate your work with QuickBooks
Customizing QuickBooks to the way you run your business
Simplifying the way your employees use QuickBooks
Reducing redundant data entry to save time and money
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